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The Examples Begin Here...

Here is where you can view and learn about the wonderful art known as memes.

On this page I will be able to show you many different memes from over the years :^)

This right here a great image of some memes at the beginning:

Crying Jordan

You can find the : Meme from above?

Tiny Drake

What will we be focusing on here

  • What Are They
  • Some Examples
  • The Memes
  • Links to everything will be below

    What are they?

    An internet meme can be in almost anyway in any form of media, and can be based off of any form of television, film, comic, etc. Here are some examples

    TrumpVCnn DatBoi Banana Hotdog Arthur Winnie Spongegar Sparta BurningElmo Troll Psy Pickle Rick

    Right here is another form with a Song called Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders

    Shooting Stars Doctor Strange Vegeta

    Here is another example with the song We Are Number One from the Traumatizing looking childerns show Lazy Town

    Rotten Crew Robbie Midget Robbie

    Another Example is the Song All Star by Smash Mouth featured in the hit film Shrek

    Shrek Emperors New Groove Digimon

    Now there is another song that recently rose in popularity and has been usedby the meme genre which is the You're Welcome sung by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson seen in the film Moana

    Maui Distorted Maui Fat Maui

    Memes can also be random sounds heard from people or games

    An example can be seen through the most popular video game known as ROBLOX